Get Positive in Only 5 Days


Perform Better at Work, Get More from Relationships, and Live Life to the Full!

Get More Positive In Only 5 Days.

All of us are affected in some ways by negative emotions and thoughts.


They can come to us from our personal lives, from our work, or just be floating around in our lives generally. But wherever they come from, they are dragging us down and preventing us from performing our best at work, from having the quality of relationships we yearn for, and from enjoying life to the full.


Again, EVERYONE has these negative feelings, and just ignoring or trying to suppress them is a sure way to help them do their evil job. So do something about them now, and give yourself the power to feel better for the rest of your life.


If you really want to gain emotional control and feel more positive in only 5 days - without having to rearrange your life to attend scheduled classes, then this new mini-course is perfect for you.


Here's what you're getting with GET POSITIVE! and how it can help you NOW.

  • Release Your Own Positive Power

    The fact is that we all have huge positive power within us - just look at how humans can overcome incredible adversity to survive and thrive. The thing is, though, that our busy modern lives can create real stress and negative emotions - from all sorts of causes - which can lock up our natural positive feelings and make us prisoner to negative thoughts. This in turn affects our relationships, careers and our whole lives - preventing us from becoming the people we can be - and deserve to be.

  • Turn Negatives Into Positives

    In this short course, Katharina Seidler shows us how we can not only recognise our negative emotions, but isolate them and actually turn them to our advantage! By recognising and transforming these, we can break free from the negativity and release our natural, positive nature for a better, more fulfilled life.

  • No Need To Clear Your Schedule

    Best of all, you can easily follow GET POSITIVE! in your own time - typically taking only 60-90 minutes a day for the five days. This is perfect for busy people with little time and flexibility to attend scheduled sessions - you can work through this course when you have the time to do so. As GET POSITIVE!  is available in downloadable audio as well as in transcript, you can follow it while in your car, having a workout, or pretty much anywhere that works for you.


Katharina Seidler

Licensed Psychologist and Founder of ReSource Yourself

Katharina is a classically trained Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has spent the last few years in private practice developing a new branch of therapy we call ‘energy psychology’. This has been really successful with clients from all walks of life – from stars of the opera and the stage, to stay-at-home mums. The principle behind Energy Psychology is to harness the inherent power that you have within you to redress imbalances caused by the stress and strain of modern, daily life. For over 14 years Katharina has been privileged to work with clients from China to California, and founded ReSource Yourself to combine the real science of modern psychology with ancient energy techniques similar to those found in yoga and some branches of mindfulness and meditation. The result is a series of powerful techniques to strengthen the inner 'self' and channel the power that is within all of us.

GET POSITIVE! is a totally new audio course which Katharina has produced for people with busy schedules - but who want to get more out of life.


If you've taken the Personal Power Test, this is the perfect next step to deal with the negative emotions which are holding you back.


GET POSITIVE! is an intensive mini-course which gives you a new audio module (with transcript) every day for 5 days. Perfect for listening to on your phone with headphones, or reading from your iPad, entirely what suits you. With GET POSITIVE! you are not chained to your computer, but it's like taking your personal coach with you, wherever you are and whenever you have the time - so you are in control!

  • Get positive about work

    Feel more relaxed about your performance and the people around you. Learn how you can get more out of your work and career.

  • Get positive about relationships

    GET POSITIVE! gives you tools to help you improve your relationships with the people you care about most. Find out how you can get energy out of relationships, rather than always having to put energy in.

  • Get positive about life

    Do feel trapped in a situation where you want more out of life, but it just doesn't seem to be happening? Following this course will help you understand more about these feelings and what you can do to control and banish negative feelings which are not only making you feel bad about life ... but actually stopping you from being your best and making the most of the person you are.

GET POSITIVE! Contains several hours of specially recorded audio and transcripts that you can download to your device to follow whenever and wherever you want. We also have daily exercises and self study work, so you can discover how best to apply what you have learned to your life  (value $427):  we are also giving away some very special bonuses - 


  • ACCESS to RSY Get Positive Facebook Group

    Sharing and hearing from others can be really helpful - and Katharina will be actively adding her thoughts and contributing tools and techniques to this invitation-only group. The more you put into this, the more you will get out - potentially giving you real benefit.

  • Save On A Session with Katharina

    a coupon giving you a $100 discount on a personal Skype session with Katharina (regular price is $300 - we only have 20 of these to give away, so once they're gone, they're gone).

  • Get Our Flagship Course For Less

    A coupon giving you a 10% discount on our Flagship 10 week life-changing 'Power of You' course, subject to places being available (value = $500)

  • And If You Move Quickly ...

    If you are quick, a guaranteed place on our all-new 'Power of You' flagship course starting soon. Places on this will be extremely limited, as it is a highly personal training with direct mentoring contact with Katharina. We only have 10 of these to give away, first come, first served. (value = priceless?)

The total value of this is more than $1000. However today we are offering this GET POSITIVE! package for only $297.


And GET POSITIVE! is fully covered by our 14 day guarantee. If you have followed the course properly, but don't feel you have benefited at all from it, then we'll refund your money  immediately.

I would recommend this course to anyone who believes that understanding is the engine of change, who is getting closer to living fully knowing that our ideas sometimes act as brakes and not stimuli. I would recommend it because… for me, it worked!


Barcelona, Spain

Katharina also has an amazing ability to help you transcend your energy level.  Without her especial help, I don't think its possible to change life pattern in such quick time even you have known all knowledge


Beijing, China

Thank you so much for watching my video and reading this - whatever you decide I hope you will be able to realise your full potential and enjoy living life to the full ....

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